Beware of Using A Hard drive called SMR

The model of Hard drive that in terms of Data Recovery are terrible to deal with.
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Beware of Using  A Hard drive called SMR
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​That image above are one of the model type of Hard disk was made of as SMR.   SMR is the abbreviation of Shingled Magnetic Recording and the meaning of a magnetic data storage technology used in hard disk drives (HDDs) to increase storage speed and total storage capacity per drive. And also the overlapping method makes writing difficult because what is written on one line is also written on adjacent lines. If adjacent rows contain valid data, they must be rewritten. Therefore, SMR drives are divided into applicable-only (temporary) areas of multiple overlaps that must be overwritten when full, similar to flash memory blocks in solid-state drives. Device management SMR devices hide this hassle by managing them in firmware and provide an interface like other hard drives. Other SMR devices are controlled by the host and rely on the operating system to know what to do with the drive and only write to specific areas of the attached drive.  

Here are the hard disk that some of it has SMRA:

Western Digital (WD)Toshiba, and Seagate   that began to selling managed SMR drives and   there is a controversy over SMR drives being sold unmarked because SMR drives are slower than CMR drives in certain situations (such as write failure). Some even say they can cause data loss. These illegal applications are used in consumer-oriented applications and special data storage HDDs, NAS, RAID.

Most of our client are having this type of SMR Drive and they may realize only after we have received their hard disk and start the diagnosis, YES there is possible or 50/50 chances to recover the datas once the hard disk got damaged from misused , fell down and  more other issues. SMR Drive are the most difficult type of Hard drive on doing data recovery. It may cover a  weeks and months  or  more during  this process and of course may cost a lot of money. Some of our clients are willing to pay the amount even its expensive and also the conditions was written, they have approve just because of their data on the faulty hard drive are valuable. Specially tho those whose working in a company that they have use their hard drives for saving the datas like projects and records. Some also with individual, they are willing to pay the amount and accepts the conditions that for some reason they have save their marriage memories or any occasion and documents that worth it to bring it back.

On this scenario of having an SMR Drive you must have always a backup for all your datas. Because problems may come anytime and anywhere and should be have also a knowledge in terms of the hard disk of which type you may purchase and use. Incase you are not being careful then you will face this kind of problems. Losing datas and paying to much amount of money.

So be mindful of saving your datas by using a hard disk that you are not aware of the model. Check the model and or do back up your datas. 

Beware of Using  A Hard drive called SMR
Hex Technology June 23, 2024
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