DATA Formatter from  Memory Card

Any types of  Memory Card the data are vanished, let's  give a chance of returning back the hard work and valuable data.
June 13, 2024 by
DATA Formatter from  Memory Card
Hex Technology

​We can not avoid to have mistakes that later will regrets of what is done. Most SD card user are mistakenly formatted the SD card thru computer or in camera that suddenly will noticed all of their captured are gone. For this case we can do diagnos of the item and to see to it for the solution may applied. Data recovery from SD Card formatted is possible to any types whether its   SD, SDHC, SDXC, and SDUC and microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC, and microSDUC as the same standards. The only main difference among the SD standards is storage capacity.

We can get you help on this situation that are terrible experience, formatted then looking for solutions on how  needly to get back the datas. Visit us with your item so we can be able to check  because first we have to receive the item and do the checking here thru scanning with our machine. Bare in mind for recovering the datas from formatted device don't use the same item to save back the datas on it, for the reason of overwritten so you must have carry with you the new storage to save them once been recover. Well during this process of scanning sometimes may take time because will be depend on your SD card performance so we need patience for this process. Once we have found the solutions and offered you with the price that you accepted, that's the time we will start the work of recovering the data.   

Take note only for all SD Card users; once been encountered formatted the sd card, don't try to recover without understanding and dont save the recover data to same location because it will be resulting of overwritten and also don't re use the sd card formatted to save a new data if your planning to get back your old data. Because there were a cases that the result are Raw Recovery only.

Most of our respected client are saying gratitude to our work. Because after they have done wrongly to their items, here we are ready to get help.

DATA Formatter from  Memory Card
Hex Technology June 13, 2024
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