Data Recovery Case - The Hard Drive Motherboard got change

Be careful with being swapped by the other motherboard if aiming to get back the valuable data.
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Data Recovery Case - The Hard Drive Motherboard got change
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​This is the internal hard disk  from the computer that got damage and not able to detect the hard drive anymore. At some point you may going to check it first of what is the problem, wondering for what is the reason got damage and why not detecting. Whether you or the IT you may know will do the investigate. Because of keep trying to resolve the issue then start to opening the drive and getting the idea of changing some parts like the motherboard swapping and thinking maybe it will be boot. Unfortunately nothing was change then you will keep on trying, after a while forgetting to return it back the original motherboard. So for many times of trying you may come up to have a research to where you may go and  get help on recovering the data from the faulty hard disk. 

First nobody knows when the hard drive will face a defect. Its can be longer or shorter use but sometimes it may give a sign before it got damage so be aware always. 

Now go back to our discussion of the motherboard are not the same with the hard disks serial number.  Here is the image below from our client presenting these drive for recovery: 

Motherboard Serial Number not same with Hard disk Sticker

On this diagnosis it's necessary to check the parts are all original because on that case, can be move to the next step of checking.

Without that original parts of this motherboard the data recovery is impossible to do it.

These are the details of the hard drive original MOTHERBOARD PCB :  Model: SEAGATE    Serial Number: Z3TJJX9R     Capacity: 500GB comparing with the image above.     

It's rare to happen this scenario by the owner of the hard drive or other shop was given this drive that  accidentally do swapping  the motherboard, as we all known that it has to be careful during checking. Mistakes and being careless can not be avoided if we don't concentrate with the things we're doing. 

These case was been received to our respected client from Saudi Arabia. The company PC encountered error from hard drive that is not detecting. So upon receiving and giving updates with explanations of the hard disk conditions, we have received  the original motherboard and resumed the diagnosis. After completion of diagnosis the results  came out and it is good because of possibility to recover the datas. Client approved with the amount offered even its costly because the data is matter to them  and after the successful rate they get the datas as same as before because its possible to do cloning. The company have depend now to our work in Data Recovery as we have given a good results and fast solutions. Being professional to your clients may receive more  good feedback. 

Data Recovery Case - The Hard Drive Motherboard got change
Hex Technology June 29, 2024
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