Data Recovery from Portable SSD Not Working

External hard disk SSD Drive  are not detected by computer and data are loss.
June 26, 2024 by
Data Recovery from Portable SSD Not Working
Hex Technology

​This is a Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD 1TB Hard drive  for saving  datas.  A portable SSD fits to your mobile and computer lifestyle and also accelerates every move.  Nearly 2x as fast as our previous generation.  Powerful yet Portable and have a  high-capacity drive that’s perfect for creating amazing content or capturing incredible footage.  One of a kind to have this type of Portable Hard Drive. 

We have relied to its new type of hard drive and latest generation, knowingly may not be happen to get damage. Like a common issue of not working and files got corrupted. Suddenly we find out the portable drive are not be able to work for no reason if encountered misused, fell down or anything. After all the datas has been saved to this hard drive and would like to recover those important data. You must to visit a professional Data Recovery Center to do the diagnosis  because dealing with these type of Portable hard drive are not easy. Due to its latest type of hard drive and a new parts to deal with, the engineer whose professional for data recovery will take a long time for doing a research. First must to know the situation and condition before may open and do examine more. Similar to the HDD Hard drives, its need a donors that match and  supported tools as well. Because sometimes these types of Portable SSD drives are not possible for data recovery due to not having a supported tools. 

One of our client visit us and present this faulty Portable SSD Hard drive. Base on the statement, the drive are suddenly not working without any signed. Upon receiving and done the initial diagnosis they have opened and examine the inside to have more understanding. Upon completion of diagnosis, it was detected that it's encountered hardware problem from the CPU damage. The good thing is possible for data recovery and have the available donors and supported tools. The process are successful and all the datas was recovered.

For all the Portable Hard Drive SSD users, must be aware that anytime even this type of storage may encounter  this unexpected problems. These case of data recovery from Portable SSD drive are really will cost you a lot of money. It's because of the donors and the tools are expensive. So don't just rely on for one  hard drive only to save the  datas, it a must to have more back ups of hard drive or any types of storage because with this  hard drives during manufacturing will have  a tendency may damage at some point.

Data Recovery from Portable SSD Not Working
Hex Technology June 26, 2024
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