Data Recovery from WD Damage

Recovering data from faulty hard disk that have valuable data!
June 12, 2024 by
Data Recovery from WD Damage
Hex Technology

Most people are using this type of Hard disk  Model: Western Digital (WD) with Capacity: 4000GB. For the purpose of may save all the data that got thru one hard disk only. Without realizing this hard drive may got defected by any circumstances. Common cause of damage if its fell down, water spilled, expose from heat, electric circuit, from manufacture and more reason for hard disk failure... 

​We have received this case faulty hard disk and have mentioned that they have try to recovers the data but not able to do it. It was suddenly not working by the owner says and has a very important data that includes with his company data. After receiving have given this case to engineer to have check and diagnosis. After they have got the results from diagnosing to see the condition of the hard drive, the hard drive encountered CPU damage and this is hard to deal with for the reason of may going to research and  find the solution before may start the recovery. Due to owners demand of his data to get back, we have try and not losing hope to complete this work. Yes! data recovery is costly by depending of each case. The owner accept the price and do command to get as soonest the data. With the professional work the data recovery is successful. The owner says gratitude for the work because all the data is worth it and the data is his future. The owner get back completely his personal and company data.

Data Recovery from WD Damage
Hex Technology June 12, 2024
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