LOSS Data from Memory Card

When you use SD, Micro SD, Mini SD or any other type of memory card to save photos and videos on your camera, mobile and computer, you can be almost certain that your photos are safe. However, memory cards are not completely safe – loss of data can occur through erasing and damage.
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LOSS Data from Memory Card
Hex Technology

​We have those drives Memory Card as one of our storage for saving of our captured memories from our camera, mobile and computer. Or at any devices that can create pictures and videos then have to use this SD Card for saving. We have use to keep those pictures and videos to SD Card without knowing that it has end. 

Many reason may occur like:

  • Memory card error 
  • Reformat the sd card 
  • Faulty card reader or usb port 
  • Malware 
  • Connection issue 
  • Formatting 
  • SD card is locked
  • SD Card damage
  • And more issues

Base on the problems above that may experience, there is a Data Recovery establishment for that CASES and  get you help on recovering of those data loss.

We can do a diagnosis from your faulty memory card  because of those drives are similar case with the flash drives. It's also needs a donors and supporting tools to do the data recovery. Well, we  have to receive and check and also to know the story of your memory card first of what happened and on how its get damage. So with that initial investigations we can able to start the work of doing diagnosis and finding the solution if there is an available donors and supported tools. There is a chances that a faulty memory card have encountered a minor issue only like a software problems that on a affordable price  you can have back your datas. But if unluckily the faulty memory card faces a big problems, then do expect the prices are higher and will gonna take time as well. Because it will eat the time of just doing a research for a good parts and tools to be able to start the data recovery. We will try to get back all your datas without a corrupted files. Just be patience and trust us only because for us the client valuable datas are matter to us.

We have this Quote of NO - FIX NO - FEE.

A message to all memory card users:

Broken SD CARD

Avoid to happen this to your memory card because once its broken, there is no more way on doing data recovery.

Its Game Over!

LOSS Data from Memory Card
Hex Technology July 1, 2024
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