Old Hard Drive from Old PC and need the Data Back Up

The PC and Hard disk inside are too old then it has been use to save data before. This is your chance to see your data once again after a long time.
June 24, 2024 by
Old Hard Drive from Old PC and need the Data Back Up
Hex Technology

​One of our respected client provide a PC in our shop and its too old  PC. Upon checking is not qualified to upgrade. Because of the spare parts and software are not supported now a days of this latest generation. At this point we just focus on the hard disk only as per client request. During the process of the PC, it has seen that have 2 hard disk and one is having a bad health and the other one is not good to use even though  it's still in good health condition because there is a tendency that may get damage soon. So better to have back a up now before it's too late to do it. 

With our help on doing data recovery and all the results are successful on getting the data with the affordable prices. Because in terms of Data Recovery any problems may occur and prices may offer depending with the problems. It will be depend on how it is damage and  the conditions of hard drives. Now the data was been save to a new hard drive and a grateful client may will provide more a business with us. 

If you have an old or damage PC that no longer use, you are welcome here to get you help and bring back your old datas. We give a free diagnosis for your device and you don't have to worries about it because we have a  Motto of No - Fix  No - Fee as we are doing simply and professional. 

Old Hard Drive from Old PC and need the Data Back Up
Hex Technology June 24, 2024
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