OLD Hard Drives that have Valuable Data!

Some people are no ideas that from their damage hard drives are still have chance to get back the memorable datas.
June 19, 2024 by
OLD Hard Drives that have Valuable Data!
Hex Technology

   As you can see the above image. Those hard drives are from our respected client that have encountered  problems, some are not working at all, and the other is having a bad health and the other one is just the cover problem (cover problem means just do replace a new one only to have reoperate). She decided to give a try here and do check it all  and just to know if there is still a chance to get back those datas. Having a memories collection that was save from our hard disk is one of our treasures. Because it has the photos , videos and our works to remember from past to present and our future.

There are so many types of hard drives and so many types of problems too will do face if we don't handle it with care. You may see at the image about the bad health written, damage, not working and more. Here is the definition of bad health from the hard drive that once the hard drive are not responding but has power on it, that means its weak to read by the computer. And if the hard drive too that encountered not detecting let see maybe from the cable or the cover is the problem. So just need to replace only. 

So many reason of faulty hard drives if you face a problem of not working and etc. We are here to get you help and just need to have visit us only with your faulty hard disk. This is your chance to have and seen again of your valuable datas.

OLD Hard Drives that have Valuable Data!
Hex Technology June 19, 2024
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