Platter Scratch got more Worsts after Forcing Head to operate

Don't put more at risk the Hard disk damage that already hearing a ticking sound.
June 30, 2024 by
Platter Scratch got more Worsts after Forcing Head to operate
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A Hard disk that have ring line and wide scratch on platter; at this image it shows only that the owner of this drive have been tried to do something to make it operate the hard disk again. Its appeared here the round dark line and the length of  scratch is broad. Most Hard drive owners  belief that with this cases if once got damage they can do it by their side without any knowledge and expertise. With this thinking, the truth is the more you attempt the more its getting damage and worsen, it will results of costly and no more chances for Data Recovery. It supposedly a simple damage only and easy for data recovery. Well, if you encountered at any types of issue from the Hard drives whether its external or internal hard disk. Take an action to start searching for a place of Data Recovery Center where you can get help and just be careful to hand over the hard drive and just be sure that you deal with a professional for this work. 

Head of Hard Disk

The pointing red arrow is the head of hard drive that works with platter to have read the datas. Showing this image to give an informations to avoid and never to think of touching the Head of Hard Drive because it will dislocate and more damages may occur. 

Head Damage 

Data's Gone

A quick diagnosis if your hard disk are like this now. Platter Scratch and Head bend.

The mainly part to help of recovering the datas.

Dealing with these type of cases along with a huge of problems are HARD and may take TIME. If the owner wanted to give a try and willing to pay the big amount and understand the terms and conditions then so be yet. 

Platter Scratch got more Worsts after Forcing Head to operate
Hex Technology June 30, 2024
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