Liquid spilled on Macbook Keyboard

Keyboard becomes hard while typing from liquid spilled accident.
July 9, 2024 by
Liquid  spilled on Macbook Keyboard
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    ​ Macbook is one of the device that matters, first it's expensive to pay for and secondly it's amusing to have it because of the features. Macbook are good for school and work utilize. Can able to carry on any places due to its size and lightweight. Unfortunate happened while using your macbook and there is a liquid beside of it after its accidentally spilled on keyboard. Don't let all the water goes inside, pat it dry well then bring it to the nearest shop to have clean it inside. Don't waste more time before it's too late to fix it of what other parts may damage inside. 

You may encounter those cases after got liquid inside: hard to type, sticky and some tabs are not working. Also may encounter software problems and more issue. Before that more stressful happen, visit a shop that professional for Macbook repairing because operating this macbook is hard to deal with. As per image below:

Keyboard will do clean with appropriate materials to use. 

Motherboard is a must to check and clean well to avoid electricity problem and rusty.

Liquid reach that area with a circled green.

Encountered Software issue that OS not working and sending error.

With this case mentioned are can be resolve the problems and your macbook may work properly after have fixed everything. But take note for this if the keyboard are suddenly not working after its fixed, it means only that keyboard must to replace. Because once the device got liquid damage there is a tendency the problem may comes. These is a electronics so we have to be careful only of using. 

In all types of laptop whether normal or gaming laptops, we are ready to repair! 

Liquid  spilled on Macbook Keyboard
Hex Technology July 9, 2024
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