Upgrading Performance of Imac and MacBook

Replacing a new latest  hard disk and Installation of a new iOS Software
June 20, 2024 by
Upgrading Performance of Imac and MacBook
Hex Technology

    Having an iMac is a good to have for personal or a company use because of it has an elegant style and so clean to use. Most individuals prepares to have an iMac rather than a normal desktop computer  to use at their home. With this iMac they can enjoy the features and accessibility. They may use for their creativity of editing, making assignment or projects for schools or company. Having a social life to access thru this iMac. Also now a days most of the companies are using this iMac, first for the image of the elegant style and second is the features of softwares and third is an all in one desktop computer.

Now let's go through the image above: To our mainly topic and to discuss on how to upgrade your iMac if your facing  slow or weak performance. 

Tips to remember! always do backup of your important data into an external hard disk and before handing over your item to shops. This for your data security.  

Be careful of carrying these iMac due to its heaviness and wide screen to avoid bumping the screen into wall or bars.  Much better put them in to the old cartoon to avoid scratches as well. 

The first things to do is to check the conditions of iMac thru outside and inside. After once been done the initial checking and seeing the iMac are in all good conditions, then will go for the next step of what the owners command  like the capacity needed and software  be installed. As you can see we do wearing gloves to avoid having a fingerprint on display or any scratches may create. We do handle with care of your item. After the hard disk are been fixed properly and its working fine then will go for installing a new operating system. They may applied the latest iOS for iMac until its completed the installation. Once it's done the fixing a new hard disk and iOS installation. We are using a good sticker for your display to avoid accident of falling down or detach of the screen. You may receive the iMac working and new version of iOS as well as the performance are better than before.

Upgrading Performance of Imac and MacBook
Hex Technology June 20, 2024
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