Be Conscious of saving Data into Hard drive!

Think twice before purchasing the hard drive thru online. Or at any store knowing its cheap and no name on it.
June 19, 2024 by
Be Conscious of saving Data into Hard drive!
Hex Technology

   You might think that you get the  good hard drive and start saving all your very important  datas. Relying only for it is new and worth to use it. This type of hard drive, you may get thru online with a very cheap prices. You may seen that it's good because of the descriptions and cheaper price from the original prices in market. Because buying a hard disk is really may cost you a lot depending on the capacity you may want to have.  With this fake hard disk as you will notice, the capacity is higher over the normal capacity and no name on it. This types of hard drive may purchase whether thru online or at store and never believe with the description and capacity they have written mentioning its over the accumulation.  Be aware always in terms of saving your valuable datas to at any types of hard drives. Because once it's been damage and you do wish to recover the datas, this may give you stress. First it may cost you a lot of money as we both know the process of data recovery are costly depending on the problems encountered to your hard drive and secondly is  the results if the diagnosis are no chance due to it is fake and for sure no tools available for this type of fake hard drives. So be conscious!

​Some of our clients are providing those types of fake hard drives as per new storage to save the data's recovered and we don't recommend to use it, as we all known that sooner or later they may encounter the same problems. And some of our clients are presenting this fake hard drives to do the data recovery and most of the results  are not successful.

  We recommend to all users to have a good quality of hard drives and even it is costly the important is your data are in safe. Take this advice to have a back up too. Don't just use one item only to save all your datas. You must take 2 or 3 drives of having back up to all your datas.

Be Conscious of saving Data into Hard drive!
Hex Technology June 19, 2024
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