Hearing ticking sound from the Hard Drive

Common problem from Hard drive is the ticking sound whether from Internal or External Hard disk.
June 15, 2024 by
Hearing ticking sound from the Hard Drive
Hex Technology

Most of us are ignoring this kind of noise we heard from our hard drive. We just think  its normal only of having a sound. Because of it may comes and goes, not realizing it has a bad impact from our hard drive. ​We have use our hard drive for saving our valuable datas for personal and work. Where ever we are whether at home or at work, we do carrying this hard drive to be able to save some datas we collect. For this encountered noises is will be happen to any types of hard drives like this image below:

We have use  those types of hard drive for securing and saving our data's but without our consent it may damage by shorter or longer time, depends on how we are using it. Actually we do handle with care of our hard drives as we all known that our important datas was save. We can't avoid to be happen like this kind of problems; from fell down, or the hard drive are hang on with a cable while working, or  electric shutdown or even its become aging the drive then suddenly appeared the noises and more reason. The ticking sound is come from head scratches the platters.  With that ticking sound hearing, stop using the hard disk because the more your letting it running and the more damage from platter. 

​Once you heard and think that the noise is coming from the hard drive. Stop using it and run directly to data recovery center to do the diagnosis to get you help on your important datas to be save. 

Hearing ticking sound from the Hard Drive
Hex Technology June 15, 2024
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