Showing Windows Need Activation

On the screen a Windows message sending notification to get an action for activation.
June 27, 2024 by
Showing Windows Need Activation
Hex Technology

To all laptop and computer users pay attention for the message will seen on the screen because its asking you to reactivate the windows you are using or it's your chance to upgrade the windows to the latest operating system but before you may do the upgrading into a new windows, it's must to do back up first of your data. The message is a command for you to do it before it's too late. Because neglecting this message will be face a problem to your laptop or computer. Once it's happened your windows will crashed and you will loss your software's even the most important data can be damage too  because it will asked to do format. So before you will encounter this problem do it now to reactivate your windows. 

Here are the license of windows  link for you to purchase :

and more option if you want to visit our shop website link:

And here are the steps for you to activate alone:

Activate the Windows with license for your laptop and computer.

Showing Windows Need Activation
Hex Technology June 27, 2024
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